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One day five people decided to move into a house with horrific yet predictable consequences. Undaunted by this, three of them stayed on and coaxed two others to their nefarious ways. This journal is proof that hamsters learn better than people.
(semi) incest, a vision of beige, alcohol, andrew marr's ears, ashtray road fanfic, athens 2004, bargain booze, bastards together, beige, blackpool power, caaaaaaaaarrrnibaaaaaaaar, cats, centipedes, cheese, cheese...thing, christoph's soap, cross dressing, debra's pants, diet coke vanilla, doctor who, dovey vodka, dr rachel, dylan moran, earwigs, english, ex baiting, father ted, gender fucks, geography, ghetto horse, gin, gitaroo man, goldfishbowl on my head, halls pub crawl, have a coconut, i'm a philosopher!, in-jokes, invocal, invocal stalking, jane bom-bane, kat's dressing gown, kissing straight girls, kool-aid, law, little britain, liverpool, look around you, mathematics, merseyrailing, miss rosie, monkey dust, more gin, mp3s, music, nine million bicycles, not so random scousers, other people's sofas, owls, popular music, projects, pwnage, random scousers, rosemount estate shiraz, sausage and beans, shambles, singstar, sleep, sleeping, sleeping in, slugs, some random stuff, spirits, strangers in trees, tesco bondage dessert, tescos finest cookies, the dovedale towers, the hits, tmf, treacle, trivial pursuit unhinged, university of liverpool, vodka, where's me bra?, world of warcraft